In a world where customer experience and expectations are driving product development, the integrity of products has become a key competitive strategy for companies to achieve differentiation and product success.

ProFactor S.A

What We Do



Conduct research and development projects which are developing new products and manufacturing processes, in order to increasing the competitiveness and innovative capacity.



Our prototyping service provides fast, efficient and technical support during design and early production periods allowing to develop a product that is ready for manufacturing.

wood cabinets

Wood Cabinets

All kind of wooden enclosures, using birch plywood (or other materials) with Polyurea, Warnex or water based finishing, lacquered finish (glossy or matte).

metal industry

Metal Parts

All kind of metal parts such as punched grilles, rigging systems, connector plates, etc, with powder coating (matte of textured), anodized, with or without silk screen printing.

metal racks

Metal Racks

All kind of professional metal racks, from cost-effective solutions to high quality server racks, supplied fully assembled (nor not), sturdy and durable steel or aluminum construction.



All kind of wire assemblies from cut, strip and crimp assemblies, automated machinery set up to produce any type of wire or cable preparation on a very fast turnaround.

pcb assembly

PCB assembly

All kind of PCB manufacturing and preparation, SMT (through-hole) and SMD (surface) components assembly, optimized for prototypes, small batches and mass production.


Electronic Integration

The interplay between electronic integration and product modularity on capability widening of OEM suppliers from an emerging market, for conventional A-B, class D and DSP electronics.


Quality Control & Assurance

Implement effective QC (control) and QA (assurance) programs intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria.

That is to say that we can provide OEM and ODM exclusive service, offering 100% European made products, adjusted MOQ and quick delivery times.

And one of the most important advantages is that we can make all this "in-house", not depending from external suppliers in the areas we cover which give us great flexibility thus competitiveness.

We can work 2D and 3D (Solidworks) files easily and provide a very quick service.

We can not only provide the EUR 1 certificate but also a COO issued by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. Moreover we're an Authorized Exporter, Customs Authorization Number PT/349/P which certifies that our products are of EU preferential origin.